I happen to believe that tools should not try to do *everything*. I could put work into this engine that would make the output all cutesy and neatly formatted, but I won't. I'd need to come up with a syntax for it, and no one would know it to start, and it would probably take longer to learn the syntax than to write something in perl or awk (or whatever you like to process your text files with) than to learn whatever convoluted syntax I evolve. Same goes for any kind of gui front-end. That's what we have things like Excel and its myriad clones for, not to mention that it makes portability far more difficult.

So I've mentioned what I don't want this project to be, but I haven't quite covered what it actually *should* do. It should do the job one might reasonably expect from the project description, do it without bugs, and do it in a relatively easy way to configure. When I get bored I make html tables sometimes so here's one now with my plans for future features.

Feature Status
"OR" keyword Planning
Aggregate Functions Planning
Command line parsing Planning
Metadata Queries Planning
Input and Output Delimiter Control Planning

The first two on that list are the hardest, so they'll probably go in later the rest stand a solid chance of going into my next release, which will be sometime soon, but progress will be moderate unless I become unemployed.

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